Our Programs



You are 12 - 17 and need a set of wheels. What do you do?  Sign up for the L'Earn-A-Bike Program at Cycle-Re-Cycle!

You'll spend 2hrs per week in our bike shop - learning the art of bicycle maintenance and repair, and after 8 weeks (16hrs) you will get to pick out your very own bike to rehabilitate!

Our dedicated volunteers will help your bike from the shop to the road (usually 4-10 hrs work), and you'll leave with a bike, the skills to keep it tuned up, and the opportunity to join the Cycle Re Cycle community.

Starting a new L’earn a Bike session in September or October this year. Please call Cycle-Re-Cycle at (269)-252-5040 for information.


We accept donations of bicycles, accessories, and parts in any condition. Our volunteers then refurbish and rebuild these donations so they can be sold in our shop or used for our community programs.  We've saved thousands of bicycles from area landfills! 

What you can Donate

Bikes – We accept any bike in any condition (if we can't refurbish the bike we will remove any useable parts and recycle what's left).

Parts – We accept any bike related component or part.

Accessories – We accept any bicycle related accessory. 


You can drop off your used bicycle at our storefront during our business hours. All we ask is that you don't leave bikes outside our building when we are closed (they will most likely be stolen and we do not wish to encourage that).  If you have questions about a donation just contact us.


Community Events

We help plan and support area events throughout the year. From group bike rides to concerts we love any excuse to  celebrate cycling! 

Classes + Workshops

We offer essential maintenance skills and safety through interactive, hands-on classes and workshops for all ages.
Our regular offerings include:


Beginning Maintenance Class

New to bicycles?  Interested in learning some basics that will keep you safe and ready for the road?  This class is a great opportunity to learn the basics, get some hands on experience and get your questions answered by a local bike expert.   


Total Bike Maintenance Class

This class unlocks the mysteries of your all those pesky cables on your bike.  We will show you how to maintain and adjust your cable actuated braking and shifting systems.  This class includes lecture, demonstration and hands on practice.  Take the first step towards ridding your bike of that irritating skipping or rubbing!